Helpful hints for your next Halloween social event

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So you’ve decided to host a Halloween party this year (which is great!  good for you!) but you’ve found yourself struggling with how you’re going to get it all done.  Halloween-themed snacks, decorations, entertainment, not to mention a costume.  It can get overwhelming awfully quick, especially if you are a procrastinator.  Here are a few tips to help you get on track to have the Halloween spook-tacular you always dreamed you could have!

If you need some help coming up with creative ideas for Halloween, the internet is your muse du jour.  There are hundreds of websites dedicated to Halloween, and thousands dedicated to DIY projects.  Not only can you find some inspiring ideas that you can incorporate into your own frightful festivities, there is usually a step-by-step walkthrough of the steps necessary to create the spooky things you see online and like.  Check old reliables like Pinterest and YouTube to see what other industrious party planners are putting together, and see how you can apply their ideas to your own.

Finding some good Halloween music used to be easier said than done.  Ever take a trip to the library to borrow some spooky sound effects records?  Or spent too much time rummaging through the bargain bin of $5 CDs at Walmart.  Nowadays, it’s as easy as a Google search or putting together a Spotify list.  Spending more time socializing and dancing with your fellow partygoers and less time switching mixtapes is just another luxury of 21st century technology.

No time or money left to go costume hunting before your boo bash?  Go grab a little makeup and fake blood and just wear your work clothes!  Look out for Zombie Nurse!  Oh no, it’s Zombie School Teacher!  Beware, run away from Zombie Bank Teller!  If you feel like a zombie at your day job, turn into a party monster at night!

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