4 Reasons to LOVE a Lennar Golf Course Community

April Henley


National Golf Lover’s Day, or simply referred to as National Golf Day, is today – October 4th! Since 1952, the Professional Golfer’s Association (PGA) has sponsored a charitable event on this unofficial holiday, encouraging its over 4,300 members to play a round with contributors whose entry fees service a wide array of charities.

A fun fact: Bob Hope, Dean Martin, and Jerry Lewis were participants in the 1952 National Golf Day event, which raised at least $80,000.

The true origin of this holiday is uncertain, its creator unknown. It may simply be the case of one individual, who really loved the sport, configuring a grand excuse to play it without reproach. Whatever the story, if you proudly swing an iron, go out today and enjoy yourself on the green.

Lennar accommodates golf enthusiasts with quality, high-performance golf course communities, the appeal of which is enhanced upon with luxurious homes, rich landscapes, and desirable amenities. It is important to our design and construction teams that every aspect of these neighborhoods supports a vibrant, healthy – not to mention happy – lifestyle for residents. 


Beautiful homes

Lennar golf course homes are the equivalent of lavish, functional living. In addition to the exterior and interior designs being rich in both quality and appearance, there is variety in each home’s style and purpose. A single community can feature a generous, well-balanced mix of grand homes and villas, of quaint townhomes and ambitious condominiums or apartments; so many options eradicate the common convention that only wealthy, prominent individuals can afford to live in a golf course community.


Outstanding views

When visiting a Lennar golf course community, you will find ample, pleasant views are available throughout the neighborhood. The homes’ opulent facades are complimented by the lush green settings set off with groups of elder trees and tranquil ponds. You will appreciate the sense of peace and quiet you feel, as you walk the trails that meander through forests and over grassy hills.


Clubhouse and desirable amenities 

Golf course communities usually offer an array of fantastic amenities, including sports courts, fitness centers, swimming pools and a clubhouse. The clubhouse is the ideal gathering place for neighbors, friends, and/or families to enjoy delicious dining experiences and an assortment of recreational activities. These facilities feature fitness centers, full-service pro shops, men’s and women’s locker rooms, multi-purpose rooms, and sometimes a wedding venue. Moreover, the clubhouse is where social events, such as arts and crafts shops, yoga classes, Zumba, book clubs, and junior golf camps, are organized for residents to participate in.


Healthy lifestyle

Golf is a well-supported recreation for advancing one’s health in a feasible, no-stress manner. A consistent playing schedule promotes weight loss, better sleep, stronger bones, and a healthier cardiovascular system – all benefits that can be contributed to walking the course. You may argue that if walking is all it takes to live a healthier existence, you can just hit the trails; however, a round of golf reduces stress, even encourages social interactions, because it is more fun to play a game – not thinking about the number of steps you take or the distance you cover – than forcing yourself into a daily routine of treading miles. Furthermore, there is a lower injury risk associated with playing golf than other recreational sports.

Learn more about a Lennar golf course community near you and learn about the array of amenities they offer. Visit Lennar.com to find out more information!


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